Corsair AX1200I DSP Controlled PSU!

Interesting idea, but i don't know if they actually have significant results to show for it. Starting with a unit that already has 1% voltage regulation and only showed 29 mV of ripple on the 12 V rail when jonnyguru reviewed it doesn't leave much to be improved. I wish there were more details on what they had done differently in that one, since it is arguable that the controller in all PSUs is a DSP since its not analog.

Also, the 92% efficiency in the statement on Anand isn't actually that impressive since the stock AX1200 that was reviewed at jonnyguru hit 92.1% efficiency at 60% load

Personally, i think its just more marketing buzz words for now. If they can stick it in something like a 430CX and get it to give 1% regulation and minimal ripple, then i will believe it is actually good, but no starting with a great unit, making changes and going, "Look at how great our already great unit still is! Thank goodness we didn't screw up these modifications!", thats cheating