Question Corsair carbide 200r power button

How long ago did you buy the case? I have the 100r, I believe it has the same power button design.

EDIT: The 200r like my 100r has a 2 year warranty. If it is in fact a dead switch and your case is less then 2 years old Corsair could offer to repair/replace it or send you a new front panel. If your case was purchased more then 2 years ago you might be able to contact corsair and buy the front panel.

I don't believe the switch is user replaceable.

EDIT AGAIN: The switch might be separate from the front panel, can't tell from the pictures.
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Also double check that the PWR cable from your case is connected to the correct location on your motherboard, about 9 months ago I was working on my computer and accidentally disconnected that cable and it wasn't till the next morning that I realized what I had done.

Just goes to prove even with 20+ years of messing with computers even simple mistakes can trip you up.