Question Corsair Commander Pro Install


Jul 21, 2017
Hopefully those with an iCUE setup can provide some input.

In my current case I have 3 ML120 Pro RGB fans with a Lighting Node Pro + Fan Hub.

I have a new case I'm switching to, a Corsair 220t...which includes 3 SP120 RGB fans and has a Lighting Node Core already installed/wired.

I also bought Corsair Commander Pro for the extra features.

Here's my thoughts-
I continue using the Lighting Node Pro + Fan Hub for the 3 ML120 fans. It seems to me that in place of the Lightning Node Core and I will need an additional LED fan hub (since only one fan type per LED fan hub...or buy 3 more ML120 fans)... then connect the LED Fan Hub(s) tio the Commander Pro.

I assumed the Lighting Node Core will be removed (and possibly a second LED Fan Hub in its place) because it doesn't have the LED port like the Lighting Node Pro does, which connects it to the Commander Pro. The Lighting Node Core only has SATA power plug. and a USB 2.0 cable.

I'm trying to save myself some frustration if I'm not thinking about this correctly, so I figured others on here have already worked through this issue.

Thanks in advance!
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