Corsair 'Concept Zeus' Solves One Wireless Mouse Problem With Qi Charging

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Sep 23, 2011
A4Tech has better tech over 10 years ago. My parents used one till February this year when I finally bought them new one (although the A4tech was still working after more than 10 years). Similar mouse:
36 hours seems short to me since I'm used to getting at least a few months out of a single charge on my wireless mouse. I bet if I got a higher capacity, low-self-discharge AA battery instead of the old Energizer 1300mAH i have, I could get over a couple years on a single charge with my Logitech M310. I realize a proper gaming mouse may use more power, but not so much that 36 hours is really a good charge time.

I realize charging this mouse isn't really a big deal considering all it takes is moving the mouse to the circle on the mousepad, but I can pre-charge other AA batteries so that I can just switch the fresh battery that's on the charger with the dead battery from the mouse so that's not really much of an advantage, especially since the mousepad for this Corsair mouse needs to be plugged in.
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