Build Complete Corsair Crystal 570x Clear

Jul 5, 2019
Hello Everyone :)
This is my personal rig, so i wanted something cool but also didn't require a lot of work to put together. I chose the Corsair Crystal 570x and decided to add some RGB to it :p

After putting everything together, there were a couple of things i didn't like:

  • I didn't like the fact that the Tinted Glass Panels made everything look grey instead of white.
  • The Psu shroud didn't have a cover at the edge so the psu wires could be seen.
  • The Stock fan brackets had some ugly cut-outs and didn't really look very good with rgb fans.
  • The "dark side" was showing. This one was really bad :(
  • I could only mount 2 fans at the top, which looked weird.

So I decided to add some custom made parts we've been making, to make my build look better. Here's what i added to the build:

Fullsize Psu Shroud:

Fan Brackets (top and front). The Front Bracket lowers the fans by 10mm, which lets you install a 360mm radiator at the front and still be able to install 3x 120mm fans at the top, with our custom brackets.

Motherboard tray Cover:

Clear Panels for Front, Top and window side, and a matt white for the backside to hide the cables:

Now the case looks white as it should 😆