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Question Corsair Crystal 570X or Lian-Li O11 DX?


Aug 2, 2014
Hello, I find myself in a situation where I need to get a new case for my pc (which was previously running on a NZXT S340). I know case choices often come from personal preferences, but I am really lost with this one.

Both the Corsair Crystal 570X and Lian-Li 011 Dynamic are stunning to me, however, I do prefer slightly the Lian-Li for that clean look it has (hidding PSU and storage), as well as the potential to stick 3 360mm rads on it for future watercooling, however, it costs around $185 CAD, which is fine yet the problem is that I would need to spend around $165 CAD on the case fans I want for my pc to be ready to use, as it doesn't include case fans.

On the other side, the Crystal 570X is more expensive, costing $250 CAD, however does include 3 case fans which means the case is ready to hold my components to be ready without further purchases.

Furthermore, according to my wants and needs, the Lian-Li fully upgraded would cost me around $760 CAD (8x Corsair QL RGB fans with a Lian-Li Vertical Mount and the Corsair fan hub) whereas the Corsair Crystal 570X would end up costing around $580 CAD (with 6 QL fans and the Vertical Mount), so I really need help deciding on various points of perspective, which is more worth the price.
If the ability to mount 3 radiators and multiple visible RGB fans is important, then, alas, you must make that call...
some attach more importance to case asthetics and radiator capacity, understandably so...

and then there is my $55 Corsair 100R at the extreme opposite end of the 'bling' spectrum! :)
Good luck choosing!