Question Corsair CS550M - 12-pin GPU Power Cable

Jun 23, 2021
Hi guys,

I have a 3070 GPU with a 12 pin connector to it.

My PSU is the Corsair CS550M. ( View:

So I am thinking of ordering this cable...|-Parts/PC-Components/Power-Supplies/12-pin-GPU-Power-Cable/p/CP-8920274

My question is, will this cable work with my PSU? By the looks of it, my PSU only has 1 8 pin PCI slot.

Does the 12 pin cable have 2 x 8pins or is it 2 x 6+2 pins?

Really appreciate any help with this.

RTX 2080

If your PSU doesn't have the right power connectors required by your GPU, (2 x 8 pin PCIe in this case), that is usually a sign that it wasn't designed to run a GPU with those power draw requirements. That's a pretty low-end PSU to be pairing with a high-end GPU.

FYI Nvidia recommends a 650 watt PSU for the RTX 3070. Also, RTX 3000 series GPUs have a well deserved reputation for running into issues if not fed with a quality PSU of the proper wattage. If you try to find some 'quick fix' for this issue, it's highly likely that you'll run into more issues soon enough.