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Question Corsair CX550M Failing?


May 15, 2018

So im planning to upgrade my crappy psu for more reliability and protection and came across with the Corsair CX550M grey label but i hesitate to buy because of amazon reviews says that its failing after a couple of hours and days of usage. I read that this PSU is better than Seasonic m12ii evo and im wondering if the CX550m will not fail like the customer in amazon if i buy one.

PC specs:
ASUS H110M-E M. 2
Pentium G4560
4X2gb HyperX ram
MSI Armor RX 470 4gb
WD Blue 1tb
Aerocool VX 500 (which came bundled with the case and powering the graphics card by the use of dual molex to 8 pin.)

Any answers is highly appreciated! Thank you!
The CX550m (grey) is actually a decent PSU. It's the new version and is much better than the green label one

Out of the two, it's better than the Seasonic too. In it's day the Seasonic was a great budget PSU. But for modern systems, not so much. The CX will transfer to a more powerful system with newer components, so would be a better buy.

As much as review on those type of sites might be useful, they are not indicative of the quality or failure rate of a piece of hardware. Looking up a good review site, is much more helpful.

Here's Tom's own review of it's big brother the 650w.

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I disagree entirely. I would take the M12II over the CXM. Especially with the M12II 520 only $40 after rebate at Newegg.
Well, if price is your point, well yeah! Okay.

If you'd like to point out other differences, that would be good.

Like I said, great budget PSU in it's day (2013) and still capable if unused. I said as much.
However, it's an older platform, and is not necessarily a good buy for a modern system. I would say that the OP's system is not exactly top of the range modern, but that's why i said the CX would translate to a modern system better. IMO. I'm not dissing the EVO in anyway.

If I was to suggest a really good PSU, that might cost $20 more, i'd be telling the OP to go for a Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 550w, and be happy they have a quality PSU that has a 10 year warranty. But then, it is $20 more. I know what I'd go for. Peace of mind and all that.
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