Corsair DDR2 SODIMM Overheat


May 30, 2007
Hello everyone,

Recently, I just bought a piece of Corsair Value Selection 1 gb DDR2 PC4200 SODIMM memory. I put it into my Dell Latitude D510 (I know, it's a lame one, with that Celeron thing). So, the total memory is 1.536 mb. Now the problem is, each time I used my laptop for about 2-3 hours, it starts to overheat so badly. How bad? Well, I've got some blisters on my fingers when I touched the bottom of my laptop's casing. What's wrong with this memory??!! Sometimes, I can't hibernate my laptop because the memory is too hot to write at. Help!!!!


Unfortunately, although their premium lines of memory are excellent, Corsair's "value" line is not very good. Since your laptop is presumably working correctly (although you should check this with memtest86+), it might be a problem with the RAM, or it might be a problem with the design of the laptop (many get uncomfortably hot during use).