Question Corsair H100i Pro on ASUS Prime X570 Pro


Nov 7, 2011

I have completed a new build and all is well so far, except for a few oddities involving the AIO cooler, which I am trying to resolve.

The motherboard is an ASUS Prime X570 Pro with a UEFI BIOS interface
The AIO cooler is a Corsair H100i Pro

The AIO cooler has:

-- two fans, which are functioning normally on the front-mounted radiator
-- one SATA power cable that connects to the PSU
-- a single wire 3-pin plug that is connected to the AIO_pump port on the motherboard
-- a USB cable that is connect to one of the USB_ports on the motherboard

A few issues:

First, the BIOS is an ASUS UEFI BIOS.

It shows:

CHA1_fan (provides rotation speeds)
CHA2_fan (not applicable)
CHA3_fan (not applicable)
AIO_pump (provides rotation speeds)
water_pump+ (not applicable)
PCH fan (provides rotation speeds)

Is the AIO_pump speed shown in the BIOS UEFI related to one of the AIO fans (which are mounted on the radiator), OR do both fans (on the radiator) always spin at the same speed, OR is the BIOS UEFI only seeing one of the two AIO fans? I'm not sure why the AIO_pump is showing rotation speeds at all.

The second puzzling issue involves the single wire 3-pin plug that attaches to the AIO_pump port. In some videos of the H100i Pro, it shows two wires connected to the 3-pin plug, rather than one, although I have spotted a couple of still images of a single wire-three pin plug, Perhaps there was a design change.

Anyway, these are minor issues, and the unit is working well. I would just like to know how to interpret these BIOS UEFI fan readings that are related to the two AIO fans, and ensure those are working properly. I think that Corsair has software that is meant to monitor the AIO fans. I will install that later. Perhaps it will see both fans, even if the BIOS does not.

Any comments or advice are appreciated.
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