Question Corsair H100i Pump Not Working ?


Dec 10, 2020
I bought this cooler off of Facebook for $50. I set it up but I couldn't get the pump to work, as there's no pump detected in the BIOS and the CPU temperature rises to 95 C before throttling. I've attached a few images showing the setup, but I don't know what's wrong.
-The SATA power and the USB header are firmly plugged in.
-I connected the 3 pin pump cable to every single fan header I could.
-I even connected to 3 pin pump to the AIO's own fan splitter, but nothing worked.
I'm pretty sure it's the 3 pin pump cable that's causing issue (since the RPM doesn't show up in the BIOS), but maybe it's something else. I've tried scouring the internet, but I can't find anything on this topic. I trust the guy from Facebook because he said it worked a week ago and that he'd PayPal me a refund, but I want this to work so I don't have to waste anymore time. Does anybody have any suggestions?

pumps fail.
and buying anything used is always a risk.

maybe the previous owner had issues with it and wanted to unload it hoping someone else could figure out the problem,
maybe it did work and was damaged in the transport,
who actually knows.

if you can get your refund take it as a learning experience.
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