Question Corsair H100i, USB 2.0 problem

Jul 26, 2019
Hello, I recently bought the « Hydro Series™ H100i RGB PLATINUM 240mm Liquid CPU Cooler » pair with a « AMD motherboard X570 Phantom Gaming 4 ». I noticed (totally my
bad there) that this cooler has a USB 2.0 cable and unfortunately my MOBO only has one USB 2.0 port that is already used. I am looking for a kind of adapter but I'm not quite sure if there's anything that can resolve this problem and I'm not that much of a expert in this field. If anyone come accross any kind of solutions I'd be more than willing to try them out.



This item appears to be what you need. It is a board with two outputs of the same type as the male 9-pin USB2 header on your mobo. It is fed by an included cable from your one mobo USB2 header to give you two headers. The secret, I think, is that a mobo USB2 header really has connections for TWO standard USB2 Type A sockets, and it's a shame that some of these devices effectively tie up both of those so that only one can be used. My SUSPICION (I have no proof) is that the two ouputs each have only ONE of those two USB "channels" on them. Because it believe every USB2 socket needs to be connected to only ONE USB2 communication port. Although you can use one USB2 socket to plug in a USB2 HUB and create more ports to use, I believe the Hub actually is a form of USB2 controller that creates new ports and collects their data traffic to be re-routed thought ONE shared mobo USB2 port. However, I could be wrong - this device may really expand 2 ports into 4.

The ONLY reason I raised that is this. IF the Corsair iCue software and the Pump of the AIO system are set up to expect to use ONLY one particular port of the 2-port mobo header, you MIGHT have to experiment a bit on which of this adapter's two output ports you should use to plug in the cable from the PUMP.