corsair h100i v2 vs antec mercury 240 at 5ghz OC

Sahil rajput

Feb 7, 2016
heloo tom's hardware

i am wondering that why antec mercury 240 is so cheap than corsair 100i v2 even though it has lighting on its fan and fancy looks and performance wise I cannot find any difference then why it is so cheap and both offers 5 years warranty

so please can anyone tell me which is best budget don't matters i just want to buy anyone in between them and i'll do 5ghz OC on i5 8600k which i am going to buy
and please consider ambient room temperatures because during summer my room goes to 30-35 degrees Celsius
and that's all
Corsair cost more because they have better marketing.
for example, Arctic liquid freezer 240 is essentially the same as h100i v2 except the fans (they made on the same factory but costs much less.
overclocking to 5GHz is not promised and really unnecessary. that not to mention that you have to delid the CPU to handle the heat of running it close to 5Ghz
You'd get more real life performance and longer lifespan out of i7-8700 (non K) which costs about the same.
And anyway, a good air cooler in 45-80$ range will do the same or better job as those wannabe liquid coolers shinny toys, And it will do it at lower noise.