Question Corsair H115i Platinum Temp question

May 15, 2020
Hey there, I have been noticing that while playing doom and watching the YouTubes that my corsair H115i platinum temp is between 30-33C. Is this normal and acceptable temperatures? My pump is set to Extreme and my fans are set to Balanced(prefer the quieter PC) and are in a push configuration. For reference as well my CPU is between 55-63C while in game and room temperature is at 20.5-22C . My PC specs are below:

CPU: Intel i7-9700K
Memory: Corsair Vengeance 32Gb @3200MHz
Motherboard: Asus Z390-E
Graphics Card: Asus Strix 2080
Storage: 2x m.2 2TB
PSU: Asus Thor 850W


Oct 30, 2020
Seems pretty reasonable for me. Here on the custom loop 22c ambient 40c idle 53c if gaming for awhile. But if you watch temp it drops back down to idle temp pretty quickly right? So cooling is effective and the temp is how hot cpu is. They say 10-13c over ambient is normal but I never see that. Ryzen just loves to be hot.

So my pump always run same speed. For test to prove what I think is true I run fans as max speeds 2600 rpm sounds like a jet taking off and observe temp after gaming awhile and its exactly the same as when I use my custom quiet profile intended to run fans as minium speed but maximum cooling for 24/7. My fans very quiet at 1100-1200rpm and not really start to make sound until 1300rpm. On custom curve my fans maybe avg around 1225rpm but can ramp up to 1400rpm I dont really notice while I play games.

I not know much about AIOs so I am guess you are doing what others with same AIO are using for the settings? For my eyes I not sure pump speed may matter enough to run on max. Idea is to have water cool soak up heat and spread it out on radiator so fans can blow away. And there are diminishing returns on fan speeds. When I set fans for 2600rpm they dont cool my radiator and better than when I am at 1800rpm so I use that for my max fan speed and only use that when I approach max temps. So I not sure you benefit from max pump speed or that it might cool any better. You should mess with it and see how it reacts. Maybe give a try set pump to normal and change your fan curve to what you like. See what happens at idle and then in games for short time and then adjust more. IMHO you maybe able turn pump speed down and get custom fan curve to be nice quiet but max effective too.
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