Question Corsair H150i Pro - Lost Power / No RGB / No rad fan spin


Feb 3, 2015
Hey lads, back again with some more troubleshooting.

So, as the title suggest my AIO [ Corsair H150i Pro ] seems to be dying in some way.

This is the second instance that this has occurred.

- What happens:
I will be playing a game and then boom - rgb on the AIO pump goes out - rad fans stop spinning - temps begin to climb so I go to close out of everything / shut down.

-First occurrences remedy:
The first time this happened swapping out the sata power port on the PSU as well as some of the sata data daisy chain connections [ moving it to the closest from the psu ] seemingly worked as a temporary fix [ roughly 3 months i'd guess ]

Sounds to me as if it's simply just a dying pump attempting to continue to pull power to get started again.

Any other thoughts on this / anyone had an experience like this?

This rig has been together for around 2 years now - no previous issues outside of these fairly recent 2 incidents.
No other issues have occurred to make me believe it's a psu or mb issue.

Parts list:

Asus Z370-E
i7 8700K
EVGA 1080Ti Ftw3
32g Corsair 3200mhz
Corsair gold rated 850w psu
Corsair H150i Pro AIO
Corsair Carbide Air 530 Cube Case