Question Corsair H55 Watercooler Trouble

Dec 21, 2019
So My temps on idle are between 40-50c and when in use getting up to 80-90c will attach a video to show the set up and the noise the pump makes when the radiator turned upside down.
As you can see from the video tried turning it in different ways and shaking it etc but still no difference in temps, the fan on the rad and the pump itself is set to full speed via bios but I did notice that between full speed and auto its the same roughly 1490rpm on the pump.

Video link:

Realised that's not that clear the kind kettle coming to boil noise starts as soon as the radiator is turned upside down and at the time the system was at 45c so thinking its not water being boiled haha.

Also my ambient room temp is well im in England its pretty cold outside and Ive got to wear a hoodie to be comfy so yeah sorry but I'm not exactly sure of the ambient temp.

Radiator never feels hot only got it warm when fan was off for a little while the fan is blowing through the rad out of the case.
The cooling pipes vibrate and theres a slight buzzing noise im just guessing thats the pump (this noise is all the time)

Also wondered if having the pump on it like it is is effecting it as its the corsair logo should be sideways not pointing up as it is (I heard while searching about this problem that having the pump around certain wasy can effect it is all)

System is:
i5 4690k 3.5ghz
GA-Z97P-D3 Gigabyte motherboard
GTX 1060 6GB
8GB ddr3 ram
780w PSU
(I know all the info might not be relevant but thought I would put it incase haha)

Help really appreciated :)
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Dec 21, 2019
Turned the radiator upside down and let it make its noise and stop and then decided to try it upside down idle and under use temps now 10c lower each hmmmmmm well to be fair between 30-40 idle and 70-80 still seems high