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Question Corsair Harpoon RGB or Logitech G703 Lightspeed For wireless gaming mouse.


Oct 5, 2013
Old Mouse has packed in so looking for a new one.

Wanting to spend a reasonable amount for a mouse that will last me a long time, around £40-£70 . Wireless is pretty important to me as I want to have a clean set up without cables cluttering like my old mouse did. I also wanted to have a rechargable mouse as I don't want to keep buying batteries and to risk it running out when I don't have any.

So far I've come up with the Corsair Ironclaw, Harpoon and the Logitech g703. From what I can tell the Ironclaw is very large so only suitable for those with large hands, whereas I have average sized hands (just under 7.5 inches) . So that one is out.

The Harpoon wireless seems to average around £45 but I can only find it for ~£55 right now. The G703 Lightspeed wireless seems to average around £65 and I can find it for that much in a lot of places. This seems to me that the logitech is a better deal right now. However, other than style and the higher max DPI (which I'm not that concerned about) I can't seem to tell the difference between the two enough to justify the extra £10 for the g703. Am I missing something or does it make sense to just go for the Harpoon as there is no discernible difference?