Corsair HD140 vs Noctua NF A14 industrial ippc pwm 3000rpm

Oct 7, 2018
My jaw is still on the floor...

Yo, WTF?

10.52 mm H2O Static pressure and 269.3 CFM on a single 140mm NF-A14 Noctua Industrial ippc PWM fan?

Oh man, that is 6 times over the Corsair HD140!!!

I am planing to hit 5GHz on my delidded i9-7960x
I have a 420mm radiator custom loop for CPU only.
I have 3 Corsair HD140 on it.
My load OC tempratures are 85 C to 92 C.

Now the question:

Will I see at least 20 C temprature drop if I replace my 3 x HD140 fans with 3 x NF A14 ippc PWM industrial 3000RPM Noctua Fans?


Please explain:

Why do you expect to see (or not see) at least a 20 C temperature drop?

Compare the fan's (i.e., HD140 and NF A14 ippc) specifications with regards to the environment that you expect the fans to support.

That is where the answer is most likely to be found.....



Dec 9, 2017
It's unlikely that the Noctuas will make any measurable difference at all.

The radiators can only radiate so much heat. Over a certain speed, you start getting diminishing returns. And you get a lot more noise.

Furthermore, static pressure is only one part of the equation - you still need airflow. So higher static pressure isn't necessarily better performance. Additionally, if you put those fans on the cooler's fan controller, you may have issues with that.

As for your temps, it would be more telling if you had a temperature for the coolant in the loop. Just going by CPU temperature doesn't tell us a whole lot about the overall thermal performance of the system.