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Question Corsair iCUE H150 or H115i in Fractal Design R6 USB-C


Jun 21, 2011
I am building a new rig. I have a Fractal Design R6 USB-C case, and Asus TUF Z390 Gaming Pro mobo with an i9-9900K.

My rig sits in a desk enclosure, so putting the radiator on the top isn't a good choice for me. It's been a huge PITA to find a H150i, so I need to be absolutely sure it will fit in the front before I spend the money on it.

The R6 is in open format. All that I have is a M2 drive on the mobo, a SSD on the back of the side panel, and a Gigabyute GeForce RTX 280 Extreme with stock cooler.

I do not plan to overclock the CPU or GPU, but I do occasionally play some games or do rendering that create heavy usage on both of them.

So my questions are...
  1. Will the iCUE H150 absolutely fit on the front?
  2. Would the H115i be enough to cool the 9900k?
Dumb follow up. If I put the radiator on the front, with the door on the front closed, it should be able to draw enough air from the slots on the side since the actual airflow is reduced through the radiator... Right? If I had just fans there I'm not sure there would be enough airflow.

On my current Corsair case I have two good 140mm fans on the front, and they bring in quite a bit of air from the sides of the front panel.