Review Corsair Ironclaw RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse Review: Maximum Comfort Palmhugger


Jul 30, 2009
How would you rank it against the Logitech G603? I have that, I like it, but the scroll wheel has never work correctly and it drives me nuts.


Jan 26, 2018
How would you rank it against the Logitech G603? I have that, I like it, but the scroll wheel has never work correctly and it drives me nuts.
Funny you mention the wheel, I own a logitech G703 and a G903 both purchased 12/30/2017 along with the powerplay mat, they are great mice and I much prefer the 703 due to its grip style, the 903 is claw style.

after about 1.5 years in, the 703 started experiencing mouse wheel issue, not sure if you are experiencing the same but mine scrolls down when I scroll up and vice versa, like page jump the other way.

So I pulled out my 903 and started using it, 1 week in (mind you this mouse was sitting in a box for over a year so it's still new) I noticed at random, the left click doesn't hold down when I press it. I drag and drop a lot in windows so you can see how this is a major issue for me.

aside from my mice issue, I have went thru 2 Logitech Keyboards , one is G910 Orion Spectrum V2 purchased 1/5/2018 and the other is older Orion Spark 7/24/2015, the newer one replaced the old one as some of the buttons started "double pressing" on its own. 1.5 years in the new KB also experienced the same issue but on other keys, I also have a G310 Atlas Dawn which doesn't experience this issue but it's not used as much as my other two Orion Spark/Spectrum, Logitech Romer Switches are ....... or I'm just very unlucky.

However what I really want to point out is Logitech Customer Service Support is "argh pull my hair out", I mailed them and explained the whole situation and being a long time customer even sending them pictures of all the Logitech Stuff I owned, it's like 10+ and mostly flagship products hoping I can get some love, they basically told me they don't have warranty in my area and I need to send it back to the shop I bought it from. I bought it from HK and moved since then.

2x G13 (one died after 4 years, other one Im using now), G19 KB (never died given to colleague and still using today), G700 (forgot), G700s (still in my desk), orion spectrum (flaky keys), spark (flaky keys), MX Master 2 (using now, stole it from my office), G703 mice (mouse wheel issue), G903 mice (left click issue), PowerPlay Mat (glorified mouse pad right now), Artimis Spectrum G633? the non wireless one (USB cord flaky, static sounds, 3.5mm works fine as its plugged into my mixer) - just to name a few and there are some smaller models I didn't list.

Their old stuff seems great, but newer stuff doesn't seem to last anymore.

, TLDR - As with most companies, they will sing you the bell and whistles and bombard you with marketing speeches and "wow" you to buy their stuff, this is great and all, I get it.

but at the end of the day, I suggest Buy products from a company that will stand behind their stuff and take care of it's customer when something breaks, my vote is Corsair
May 22, 2020
I've bought this mouse twice. First time my scroll wheel snapped. I decided maybe this was a once off fault or design error and since I loved the button layout and look I bought another one. In even less time the exact same thing happened. This is a poorly made flimsy piece of trash. The whole thing cracks of cheap plastic if you squeeze it. Just get yourself a G502