Question Corsair Ironclaw wireless mouse doesn't work in wired mode ?

Aug 22, 2021
I just bought a brand new Ironclaw mouse and it doesnt work in wired mode, it only works when I have the wireless dongle plugged in. I have tried to plug in the mouse using its cables but nothing happens when I plug it in, its not even recognised on ICUE, I have tried every port on my pc. I've even tried using my mousemat and keyboard ports but they dont work either. The mouse works completey fine when wireless but not when plugged in and I have no idea why.

It came with a small adapter that has micro-usb and usb on each end. What doesnt make sense to me is why I would need to use it because my mouse has a micro-usb port so that means I would have to use an external cable to use the adapter. I assume the adapter is for people who might not have extra usb ports for the wireless dongle.

I've tried turning my pc on and off, I've tried every port under the sun and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong ?