Question Corsair K65 Spacebar Issue

Feb 18, 2019
So for the past few months my Corsair K65 RGB Rapidfire's spacebar has been broken, but not in a completely non-functional way, more of a malfunction.

I can still have the key register if I put my finger between the row above and the the north face of the key and push towards me whilst pushing down (it's finicky and unnatural). I can't register it by a general press.

For the time being, I taped the spacebar to alt and rebound alt to space in iCUE, and it's fine but super inconvenient for apps and games.

I'm honestly not sure what is causing it to only register like that. I assume something is offset on the actual internal board but I'm not sure if I can disassemble a K65 to find out.
Any suggestions or insights?

Cheers, Christopher.