Question Corsair LL120 RGB Issues

Captain Jolo

Apr 20, 2015
Hi Everyone,

Hope you're all safe in these interesting times. I'm having an issue with my Corsair LL120 Fans, it's been going on for months and i'm at the point of going insane with Corsairs so called "customer support" so I thought maybe someone here might be able to help.

My PC has 6 Corsair LL120 RGB fans (overkill I know but I wanted to go all out when I built this one) and also a Corsair Hydro Series H100i RGB AIO cooler. All fans are connected to a Commander Pro and all RGB cables from the fans to an RGB Hub that came with them when I ordered them.

My issue is that only the first two fans in the sequence light up. To give an idea of the layout of the case, it's an NZXT H500, there is one fan at the rear exhaust by the motherboard IO panel, 3 along the top of the case, and 2 at the front which are attached to the radiator for the H100i . The Exhaust fan and the one directly next to it on the top are the ones that light up.

I have each fan connected in order to the commander pro, so exhaust fan is fan 1, the next one along is fan 2 and so on and I have the same sequence for the RGB hub as i've read they need to be in order. I have the latest update of Corsair IQUE installed and with LL fans selected on there and all lights should be on.

The strangest thing is that occasionally all fans will light up, so I know they aren't broken in that respect because i've seen all of them illuminated. I wonder if there might be some confliction betweent the commander pro and the cooler or even the motherboard.

If anyone has any suggestions (aside from throwing the entire thing in the bin as I have been tempted by so many times!) it would be greatly appreaciated!

Apologies if this is in the wrong category, I couldnt decide on if it's fans or components as technically it's not a cooling issue as all fans function as they should.

Thanks everyone and stay safe!