News Corsair LT100 Smart Lighting Towers Hands-On: Reactive RGB Pillars

You know, overall, I'm deeply disappointed in Corsairs products. They charge a super huge premium and there are much better brands available for far less money.

The iCue software is nothing short of bloatware and takes a couple percent off the CPU. This is because the software has to manually update the rgb devices instead of off loading it to a chip on said device. This is a lot of data to be shipping out over the USB on a regular basis. You can see it if you engage the debug settings hidden in the software.

I and other people have also noted how blue screens of death happen on a semi regular basis with the iCUE software running.

I bought a k95 RGB Cherry Red Speed Switch keyboard and have been disappointed with it. While a true brushed aluminum top is nice, it has several design flaws

  1. The LED's are much too dim. Many brands offer brighter more vibrant LEDs, My sons $49 Rosewill spectrum mechanical is much brighter and more attractive color wise.
  2. The indented keyboard is prone to dirt and dust collection at the fold point making it difficult to clean.
  3. The plastics on the corners are easy to break or chip

Over all I'm disappointed for the cost. I doubt I'll be going back given the price premium.