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Apr 19, 2021
I have an ax1200i that supposedly has a 10 year warranty.
It died on me a few days ago after about 2 years.

I called customer support and set up an rma ticket and today received this email in response -

Hello Chirs,

Thank you for providing that information. I looked into whether or not we have any AX1200i PSUs and we currently do not have that PSU in stock at this time.
I also went ahead and checked if we had any alternatives that we can offer, and unfortunately we are also out of stock on those power supplies as well.

I apologize for the inconvenience but I cannot provide you with a replacement at this time. We also do not have an estimated time for Restock of these items.
Thank you for choosing Corsair.

Dont have any of your psu, dont have any other PSU's, will not be replacing. Do not have estimated time for restock.


I have a paper weight for a computer now because I don't have a PSU.

Just eat the 400$ I spent on this PSU and go out and buy another one is corsairs answer.


You are aware of the situation surrounding covid and crypto mining right? It's crap for everyone. Nothing to do with Corsair neglecting you, they are willing to honour your warranty in time.
Jan 27, 2021
Nothing in that message says that they are not honoring their warranty. Since they are out of stock, contact them to ask if you can be put on a waiting list. Further, look on their site for a PSU that would work with your setup and ask them if they will replace the failed one with it. If not, ask them if they can do a refund. I wouldn’t say they aren’t honoring their warranty until you’ve tried multiple options.

You can also click “Notify me when in stock” on the page for your PSU (so you know when to contact support or to buy a new one if you get a refund):


They are absolutely honoring their warranty, its not their fault there arent any replacements available.
Its also clear they are willing to replace it when the time comes.

Yes its a bad situation, but given the current state of things, Im not surprised.
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Apr 19, 2021
The shills and apologists always come out to this sort of thing.

So you guys believe it is my responsibility to track stock and make specific requests on how to get an item I have already purchased? I should continue to chase them down to try and get on additional waiting lists that I wasn't offered the first time?

Yes, crypto has caused a stock shortage. How does that effect honoring their commitments? If an already purchased item that is under warranty breaks, it should be replaced BEFORE they sell any new stock. Are you telling me that you believe they are not currently selling any new PSU's at all? Or that they dont have even a rough estimate to when the first available new stock might be?

A curt email that doesn't even take the time to spell my name correctly with a too bad so sad attitude is unacceptable.

I went through their process and was told no, not going to replace it, and we have no estimate of when we might be able to. It didn't even clearly state that they would replace it in the future.

"Not going to replace at this time" is not the same as "we will replace it as soon as we can".

Phrasing it that way is clearly them trying to skirt any promises in writing of actually making a replacement at a future date.
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