Corsair Obsidian 800D and installation of SSD


Apr 13, 2012
Hello everyone.

My case is Obsidian 800D and I have a question. If I connect the SSD to the this : I will have a delays ? Is better to connect directly to the motherboard?

Thanks for answers :)
Your picture/link doesn't work.

If you are refering to the how swap drive bays, don't do it.

I think they are only SATA II, and a SATA III drive will fry them! (I fried 2 mobile racks with SATA III drives in RAID 0.)

Plus, the SSD will not fit properly. Desktop HDDs are 3.5", SSDs are 2.5".
This is a SATA2 hot-swap cage. The drive *should* work fine in there, but will be limited to SATA2 speeds. Down below this cage is a more perminant cage for system drives like your SSD.

SSDs are quite small and light. They make cages and adapter brackets for them to fit in a normal drive bay. Personally I have the one in my wife's PC ziptied in place, and mine is held (quite firmly) in place with 2 screws on one side. If you do not move your tower much then these options are fine, but if you move your case on occasion then seriously get the adapter so that you do no break something on accident.