Question Corsair Obsidian (I think) - can't remove SSD/HDD trays. Request for help.


May 11, 2003

Thought it would be easy to replace a dead SSD drive, but no - this case had other ideas in store for me.
  1. Believe I have a Corsair Obsidian, but it's 4-5 years old and can't find a good image of one online - nor to confirm actual type.
  2. I tested removing/reattaching the cables to the drives in case one was faulty, but no luck.
  3. My case has 2 sets of trays (with 3 trays each) on the bottom of the case. My drives are all in one set of trays (leaving the other one empty). I have a HDD, SSD, SSD for the 3.
  4. The trays in the empty set come out very easy by using the clips - no problem.
  5. The trays with the drives in them do not - pushing in the tray clips does nothing. Pulling hard does nothing - they are either screwed in somehow or I don't know.
  6. I took off the front cover of the case and removed one of the fans to see if there were any screws there, but nothing - should technically come out.
  7. My new SSD went back in the box and I'm still carrying a dead one in the case - I don't want to yank on the trays in case it breaks, but it's damn annoying.
  8. The store that assembled the PC for me is out of business now.
I have some pictures, but threw them here.

My PC knowledge for hardware and terminology would probably be low to medium (can install hardware and some diagnostics).

Thanks in advance for any help.