Corsair Obsidian Series 500D Mid-Tower Case Review

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Nov 7, 2015
I don't understand why everyone blows smoke up Corsair's butt when they release anything. Most of it is good but this is categorically not. It's lacking a ton of features, opting for less is more when you can have less while having more as an option. This case is ugly as sin when it's not a glamor shot, about the only honest thing about this review are the pictures that highlight its real world ugliness.

Worst of all, this is a $80, tops, case being sold for $150... Yeah. Time to leave this site if this mindlessness continues...
A different opinion here : I do like the 500D, but I will agree with you that the 250 buck all tempered glass version looks ugly. This 500D got the perfect mix of glass and metal. Doesn't look too gaudy and yet has some flare.

You won't find brushed aluminium inserts and panels along with custom loop friendly design in an 80 buck case. Most 80 buck cases won't even have the clearance for push pull front rad with a full length gpu. Not to mention easy rad mountings and dust filters all around. Maybe 150 is a bit steep, expect that to come down to 120 in a month or two.

Olle P

Apr 7, 2010
Just looking at this case says cooling isn't up to snuff...

  • ■ The fans provided could have been omitted in the first place. Any "premium" user will pick his own fans anyway.■ The ground clearance isn't enough to provide the PSU with any significant amount of air.■ The two slots in the front are not enough to provide intake air for the front fans. (Unless running a low power computer.)■ Is there any cooling at all for the HDDs?■ PSU dust filter removable only rearwards...
This case seems best suited for a quiet low power rig pulling <100W total peak while relying on external storage.
Then a couple of 300 rpm fans will do nicely!


Sep 25, 2017
I would have liked to see bulky cases with no windows and soundproofed. Maybe one placed in a muffler like a maze with sound dampening so you get no noise coming off it for clear and crisp immersion during vr or intense horror moments with no background fan noise
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