Question Corsair or Steelseries mouse ?

Dat Le

Mar 1, 2020
I was looking for a mouse for my laptop and I chose these two: Harpoon RGB Wireless and Rival 3 Wireless because their price fits my budget. But I do not know if using Li-Po batteries on Harpoon or removable batteries on Rival 3 will be better and which ones are less likely to have connection problems?
Hey there,

Can't speak of the Rival 3, but I have the Harpoon RGB wireless and I love it. Because of the internal battery it actually adds a nice bit of weight to it. It's sturdy, and good build quality. Typical charge lasts me about a week. That's with maybe 15-20 hours per week gaming, and another 5 hours for standard use. Charging takes about 3 hours. Connects via wireless dongle and also BT. The Bluetooth connection is not really meant for FPS gaming, but for some games is suitable. I use the wireless dongle, and in terms of connectivity, I've not had a single issue.

The Harpoon is well considered as a great budget Mouse: Corsair HARPOON RGB Wireless Review -
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I have the Harpoon for my laptop and it’s been perfect. I don’t remember ever having a connection issue but I only use the dongle. To add to the above post if the battery does go flat you can carry on using it as a wired mouse with usb charging cable. I have no experience of the Rival 3 so cannot compare.
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