Corsair P64 Raid 0


Oct 17, 2011
I have 2 x Corsair P64 60gb drives in a RAID 0 array for my 64bit Windows install, they are working fine and are quite happy.

I am currently working with an Asus Rampage III Extreme.

However I have noticed a lot of threads that advise about AHCI for booting etc.


I have tried loading up with AHCI in the bios settings ready to re-create the array from fresh disks, but I couldnt seem to manage to get it to do anything. Currently have the Raid 0 (and a separate Raid 1) set up quite easily.

There are also a few different controllers on the board, I currently have them all on the intel controller I believe (I did have a raid array on the marvel controller before)

I am new to all this (I am sure I can pick stuff up quickly) but any advice would be appreciated!

My current set up is working fine, speeds are fine etc, just wondering if there is a *better* way of setting up.

No, there is not a better way of setting up your system. You are ok.

Setting a SATA port to AHCI mode is for single drives only. When you create a RAID array with multiple drives your ports have to be in RAID mode.

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