Question Corsair PSU making strange noises ?

Dec 16, 2022
Noticed a strange clicking sound coming from my computer. Took quite a while, but I discovered it was coming from the PSU. Please see included videos. Noise occurs regardless if idle on desktop, gaming, or running stress tests. It is not continuous—sometimes it will go a few minutes without clicking and then other times the clicking will be on and off multiple times in the span of a minute. The noise doesn’t sound normal, and I’m curious if I should be concerned over this noise?

I’ve tried cleaning the PSU out with compressed air and that didn’t help. The fan does not seem to be obstructed or damaged either. RMA will be difficult as Corsair requires proof of purchase, and I unfortunately bought this in-store about 3.5 years ago, so the chances of getting the proof of purchase is slim to none. Is it safe to continue using the PSU or should I look into getting a new one?


Dec 29, 2013
The videos have been archived. Hard to say without hearing it. When an HDD clicks, it's about to die, but the only mechanical parts in a PSU are its fan and the power switch.