Corsair psu's not made by Seasonic?

Looks like some of have been posting incorrect information about Corsair power supplies. We've been posting that Corsair psu's were manufactured by Seasonic. I was over at doing a little research when I decide to look at a few Corsair reviews. One review from 2007 and a second one from last December indicated that the Corsair units being reviewed were manufactured by Channel Wells. Apparently the change took place sometime prior to the 2007 review.

Does anyone have any additional information?


Aug 13, 2007
Copied from website:

Corsair doesn't have to be introduced as a power supply brand any more, as they've made such a splash since first entering this market in 2006 with the modular cable HX series. In 2007, they introduced four more power supply models: The VX450 and VX550, followed by the TX650 and TX750. All of these have non-detachable cables. We reviewed the VX450 not long ago, and gave it two thumbs up: It's another high quality, quiet PSU made for Corsair, again, by Seasonic. Interestingly, the TX650 is also made by Seasonic, but the VX550 and TX750 are both made by Channel Well. It's not clear why different suppliers were used for these various models.

The TX650W reflects the escalating power trend among enthusiast computer users, driven mostly by power-hungry graphics cards. Its 650W rating is considered mid-range by extreme gamers today. Interestingly, Corsair's marketing makes a big deal about the unit's single 12V line, in contrast to so many other brands which tout multiple 12V lines. As with all the Corsair power supplies introduced in 2007, the TX650 is 80 Plus certified, which assures 80% or higher efficiency from 20% load on up to full power. The packaging is similar to the HX and VX series, with a classy, understated look. The TX750 differs visibly in that it has a 140mm fan instead of the other VX and TX models' more common 120mm fan.


Yes they did.
Not all of thier units are oemed by Seasonic though, as has been pointed out, a couple of them are CWT's.
This is not something new, most providers use different oems for the different lines . PCP&C for example, uses Wintact for the Turbocool line and Seasonic for the Silencers, Antec uses Seasonic for the EA 380 but has switched to Delta for most other units and in the past also used CWT.
It all comes down to researching each unit as an individual, instead of making assumptions based on brand name.