Question Corsair RM650x + FX9370 4+4 eps12v cable melted

Mar 28, 2019
I am about to buy a new pc but i want to keep my 1 year old rm650x psu.
While i was removing the psu cables from my old motherboard i noticed that the 4+4 pin connecting to the motherboard was half melted.
My old pc was crashing all the time and i just figured out that this may be the problem. The crashes appeared after a gpu overclock. Can an overclock cause such problems(melting) ?
The final and the most important question is should i just replace the melted cable and use the rm650x to my new pc or should i buy a new one?
My pc has a history of heating problems since i have the fx9370. I know my cpu is not supported by my motheboard but somehow i have this pc for 4 years.

current pc specs:
AMD FX-9370
Windwos 10 OS
GTX 960
Samsung ssd
toshiba hdd
gigabyte 970a-ud3p mobo
Your motherboard not supporting the wattage of your cpu is probably why the cpu power socket melted.

It’s difficult to recommend what to do. My feeling is the psu is fine and changing the cable is ok. However if I am wrong the recpocussions of a failing psu could be expensive if it damages other parts.
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Mar 28, 2019
I believe that the rm650x is fine too. I have never heared about this psu failing. My old psu is a cheap one, the old 12v 8 pin never melted and i was using it for 3 years before i switched to the rm650x 1 year ago. So yes it's hard to tell if it is the psu OR the mobo+cpu incompatibility.