Question Corsair rmx 850 for 6900xt?

Title says it all. Currently my pc is this

AsRock ab350 pro 4
32gb ddr4 3200(4x8gb sticks)
3 sata ssd drives
1 240gb Samsung 960 evo nvme
Corsair rmx 850
Arctic cooling liquid freezer 2 240mm

I usually get money around Christmas time and upgraded to a 32 inch 1440p monitor. Don’t get me wrong the 6700xt does ok, but thinking I wouldn’t mind a gpu upgrade. Looking at the 6800xt and 6900xt. I’m guessing if I go for the 6900xt or higher I need to upgrade the psu? The psu was purchased in 2021, so relatively new.
Good to know. I know I was seeing posts from Reddit where people claimed to have had issues even though I know the rmx is one of the top tier units. Thinking 6900xt should be a decent value and last 2-3 years anyway if not more, plus the 6700xt should still sell for 250-300 used so I’m figuring for essentially 300-400 might be a decent upgrade.
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