[SOLVED] Corsair RMx vs EVGA G3 PSU (Noise levels)

Jul 14, 2019
Noise. That is what I am interested in. That is also why I won't be leaving the parts list, since people like to tell you: "You don't even need that much power for that rig".

They both do a great job, so I am not interested in their performance. Between the two, the Corsair RMx & the EVGA G3, both 750W, which one is quieter?
From reading and researching through A LOT of tech forums, I found out that a big majority of people stated that the EVGA G3 is much much noisier (especially with the ECO mode on).

A few of the complaints I have gathered, If you feel like reading:
  1. Complaint #1
  2. Complaint #2
  3. Complaint #3
  4. Complaint #4
  5. Complaint #5
In the first complaint, one person wrote:
"The G3 is louder than the G2. Yes, the RMX is quieter than the G3",
while another one stated:
"I have a G3 and can’t hear the noise at all".

The second, third and other complaints follows basically the same pattern:
"I love EVGA but in my experience as well, their power supplies can be noisy. I had very similar loud noise issues with the fan cranking up to high RPMs with ECO mode to the point where it became very annoying so I switched to the Corsair PSU I have in my rig".
"I have the 850W G3, and I have to say I'm pretty disappointed. Eco Mode is useless - as stated by others, it's silent for 10 minutes or so, then the fan kicks in at a VERY high speed/noise level. And this is idling in Windows".
"Tom's Hardware just came out with their 1000W review, so you can judge for yourself.
Unfortunately, the take-home message, using their testing methodology, is that it's not quiet. =(".
"Eco mode off solves that, but the fan speed in non-eco mode is fast enough to be quite audible. It is easily the loudest thing in my case (given that my GPU is water-cooled)".

You get the point.

As a tiny side note, in the The Updated 2019. PSU Tier List RMX was put in the Tier 1, while G3 got placed with the Tier 2 PSUs. Thoughts? As said, they are both great and noise is basically what I am interested in, but still.
Jul 14, 2019
RMx fan is quieter when it does kick in. Overall I rank the RMx series higher regardless of what version. Tier lists are a joke , I never use them.
Exactly, larger fan is normally a good thing, they tend to be quieter.

I would take the RMX or G2 over the G3.
I'm gonna be taking the RM850x (or RM750x) White PSU. Also, going to be getting an NZXT H500 White, that's final. Been also thinking of getting a MSI Armor (GTX 1080 or RX 580, probably the latter, I don't need that much power right now) instead of the ROG STRIX version.

Ohhh, I can't wait to get it. It gonna look fucking awesome (pardon my French, Je suis trop excité). Will send pictures if I don't forget. :)
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