Review Corsair SF750 PSU Review: A Tiny Power Factory


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May 16, 2016
The SF750 is the strongest SFX power supply that money can buy today, however it is among the most expensive as well. So is it worth spending so much to get it? Read more here.


Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.
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Some article comments:
1) You dislike the semi-passive option being non-optional. Isn't it likely the reason is mainly due to the lower quality FAN choice?
Also not clear WHY you dislike being unable to turn on the fan at lower power draw. I'd assume it's because you want more air-flow in a low volume case which is where an SFX is usually used?

I'd probably agree with that, so I think the ideal solution would be an OPTIONAL choice but also the fluid bearing fan instead. That should reduce noise in some situations. For example the CPU fan might spin up high with insufficient air flow yet the power draw would still be below the fan turn-on with semi-passive mode...

*300W is when the PSU fan turns on. In a small case that extra air flow could make a huge difference removing 290W of heat... if the case fans are otherwise sufficient for low noise up to 300W of heat removal then this is a non-issue.

2) Hold-Up Time:
I get that 17ms is "bad" and may cause crashes due to temporary lack of power (unless you have a suitable UPS) but what do you consider acceptable?

3) NOISE test:
I must COMPLAIN about this test as it seems a poor way to do it. The AVERAGE noise over the operation isn't comparable when the power range is different. You even commented on this. Perhaps instead include noise at several points of IDENTICAL WATTAGE DRAW such as 400W, 500W, 600W, 700W or something then the only variable is the PSU itself. Just use your watt-meter for wall draw power and this should be a pretty easy test.