Info Corsair TX550m for $32.10


From a 3rd party seller, based in the US.
TM550m on Amazon

It's actually making me consider returning the CX650 I ordered... though I'd lose some wattage in the process.

EDIT: ugh . . appears to have gone up to $64.18 now . . not sure if it'll drop back again today.

EDIT part 2: And, it's back? I have no idea what's going on with this, though I did order one at the stated price before the price bouncing occurred.
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Update - it might be best to avoid this 3rd party seller, though they're based in Texas.

  • I ordered one on Oct 25th at that price.
  • They eventually ran out, but were selling them at a higher price . . $60-ish.
  • On Oct26th, in the morning, they had them at the discounted price again.
  • Once again, they eventually ran out, and once again were selling them at a higher price . . $60-ish.
  • This morning, they were selling them at $57.17, and as of this writing, they are selling them at $58.70, with only 16 left in stock.
BUT LAST NIGHT - I received this message:
Message from seller TELeasy: Hello,

We regret the delay in getting this order to you.. This product has unexpectedly gone out of stock and we do not have a time frame for it to be available again either.

You can choose to wait OR you could have us cancel and refund the order and we will immediately initiate the process.

To have us cancel your order; you need to send us a cancellation request by going to the ‘Returns & Orders’ section on the right hand top corner of your Amazon account. Search for this order there and select the cancellation option available. As soon as we receive the request we will cancel the order & Amazon will refund your money into your account within the next 24 hours.

Kindly revert back to this email whether you want to hold the order or cancel it.
Awaiting your response
Thank You& Stay Safe
Vince B - Customer Support Team You can send an anonymous message to the seller TELeasy, that does not expose your real email address, by replying to this email. If you were contacted inappropriately by the seller, please report this message. We hope to see you again soon.
I don't know why the prices are fluctuating so weirdly, but this stinks an awful lot like they're moving the prices around, taking more orders than they have, and prioritizing the highest-paying orders. Almost like some kind of really cumbersome auction, I guess?

It's bizarre. But, given this, I'd avoid dealing with TELeasy at all.


Agreed - though I've avoided them more on NewEgg, really.

Still, I've bought from MPOW and AUKEY as the 3rd party sellers on NewEgg, and quite a number on Amazon since it's actually sometimes hard to find stuff "sold and shipped by Amazon."

Though, I admit, most of the time, I try to stick to the manufacturer of the product as the 3rd party seller.


I am ok with sold by third party shipped by Amazon. Sold by a third party and shipped by Newegg is generally fine too.

However sold and shipped by a third party can also be hit or miss. Only time I have bought something sold and shopped by a 3rd party recently was some arctic thermal pads on Newegg. Sold and shipped by PlatinumMicro. Arrived in a reasonable timeframe and are as they should be other wise

The $30 CX550 after MIR was sold and shipped by Newegg. Came from a close warehouse and arrived in 2 days with free shipping option.
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However sold and shipped by a third party can also be hit or miss.
That's what I meant. Shipped by Newegg, Amazon, etc. is fine. It's the sold by/shipped by that's almost always an issue.

Sort of related, but @jonnyguru how long has the CX550 been out of production for? I find it odd they have a ton of stock and are offering rebates on a product that has been discontinued?
That's WHY it was discontinued. We built towards a forecast and then nobody bought it. So now the channel is flooded with them. Too many people buying EVGA N1, Aresgamer and Armageddon Voltron.
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Well at least anyone in need of a good PSU at a great price that doesn't mind the hassle of a rebate can benefit from it in the meantime, so at least someone is benefiting from it.

I would assume the reason for the rebates on the TXM and RMx at the same time is different? Surely those aren't going out of production.


Update on TELeasy . . Their original message, I posted earlier, I guess was sent late on the 27th, and I didn't see it until yesterday morning. I replied:
Can you explain how this is possible?

I placed my order on Oct 25, and the price at the time was $32.10, with a countdown for how many were left. Later that same day, you were selling them at a higher price.

On October 26, in the morning, you once again were selling them for $32.10, with a countdown for how many were left. When those ran out, you were again shown selling them, but for a higher price.

This morning, I see that you are selling them for $57.17.

How can this product be out of stock, and undeliverable to me at this time, yet you are still selling them? Are you prioritizing buyers who purchased at the higher price, and making those of us who got it at the lower price wait?

------ then in a separate message:
In addition, I have noticed that you're still selling more of them today.

If you can advertise as having them in stock, then you can most certainly fulfill the order I placed.

They then replied yesterday, late-ish:
We understand the case. However, The order placed with the price of 32.10 has gone out of stock with us. And, the product came in stock with an updated price. Nevertheless, we are trying to arrange the product for you and as per the update from the shipping the product is expected to arrive on the ordered price till Monday. Hence, kindly confirm if its fine with you we can ship the product for you.

Awaiting your response.

NOTE: In case of any questions OR query kindly reply back to this mail.
Andy S - Customer Support Team
I didn't see that until this morning. I checked the Track Package on Amazon, and, as I expected, it still showed "Ordered" but not yet "Shipped."

I just replied:
Ok, if it's expected to arrive that soon, I can wait.
Now here's where it gets WEIRD....

It JUST showed up via UPS. Yet, the tracker on Amazon still says it hasn't shipped yet.

I mean, I'm happy I got it, and it's still sealed in shrink wrap, and it's packed well, with no damage to the box that I can see. I'm going to inspect it now to make sure everything's fine with it, but this definitely took a left turn into surreal-land. 🤷‍♂️ o_O
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Aug 10, 2011
Yeah they ship rather quickly via UPS. I got my $43 EVGA G3 in 2 days. Sealed, brand new packaged very well from them. Amazon tracking probably loses communication with 3rd party sellers from time to time.