Corsair TX650W + EVGA 8800GTX SLI


Feb 11, 2010
Hello everyone. I have a Corsair TX650W and a EVGA 8800GTX. I am planning on purchasing a second similar video card. From what I've read on other forums, the 8800GTX uses MAX 185W which leads to the conclusion that my PSU should handle an SLI configuration. What do you think?

Full computer details
Asus Striker Extreme
Core 2 Duo E6850
2x2048 Corsair XMS2 DDR2 1066
1x1TB WD Green
1x1 Asus 24RW
Audigy 2 ZS



Nov 2, 2008
Sorry ordcestus, but that calculator on newegg is WACK! In no way shape or form do you need 800w for an SLI 8800GTX setup. When the 8800GTX SLIs hit the market, there weren't 800w PSUs.

A pair of 8800GTXs will eat 231w measured from the card.

The CPU if OC'd will eat 150ish, 75w for the rest. Confirmed by this PSU calculator:

That's 375w load, and rarely will all your components be loaded at the same time. The Corsair 650w is more than enough for that SLI setup. Corsairs are top notch and will actually provide more than 650w, so yours will still stay in a decent efficiency envelope even if you're pulling 60% of capacity.

I'm part of Proximon's team developing a PSU ranking list in the 1000w+ section. See the link in my sig. If you need more EVIDENCE besides an etailer that's trying to sell you more than you need, I will be happy to provide even more links.
skora is right. A pair GTX's will pull about 20 amps @ 12 volts. An OC'd C2D will pull less than 10 amps. The rest of the power requirements amounts to pocket change.

The 650TX, with its 52 amp 12 volt rail, will be more than adequate.