Corsair vengeance 1.35v or 1.5v ?


Jul 7, 2008
Hello all,

After reading a certain thread on this forum i have realised that having 1.65v ram for my Sandy Bridge rig is :eek:

Bit of my background:

When I first built this rig a month ago I had trouble with the computer not operating correctly with the original 1.5v Vengeance ram I initially bought. Later troubleshooting, with a different set of ram this time resulting in the same instability problem with the Corsair xms3 1.65v ram, it turned out to be a faulty board and having it replaced now all was working.

The dilemma I’m having now is ignorantly thinking 1.65v ram was ok, the Corsair xms3 1.65v ram I swapped at the store to troubleshoot with i kept. Also to help the clearance issue with the Noctua D14 as appose to raising the fan to clear the original Vengeance's high heat spreaders.

System configuration:

Motherboard: asus p8p67 delux
Memory: 2x 4GB Corsair xms3 1600 @ 1.65v
Cpu: 2600k o/c to 4.6ghz prime95 stable
Hsf: Noctua D14
Psu: Corsair 750hx
Gpu: GTX 580

Uses: Overclocking and heavy gaming

In a week’s time my store will have the new Corsair Vengeance 4GB 1600 low profile series at 1.35v and 1.5v, which voltage should i most benefit from?

Jan 10, 2011
Either Vengeance version will work equally well for this build.

The 1.35v version would likely be usable in your next build as well, but the 1.5v version likely would not be. That might not matter, as it might be time to upgrade to DDR4 or something by then anyway.

If I was buying new RAM today, I'd likely get the 1.35v version.