Question Corsair Vengeance LPX 2400mhz running auto on 2133, why?

Jul 11, 2019
I have 2 team elite 4gb rams running at 2400mhz auto and recently i got hold of 2 corsair vengeance lpx 2400's; when i included the corsairs in my unit (Asus B150 ProGaming, i7 7700) all 4 rams ran at the speed of 2133. Done a checking and the corsairs are running 2133 auto and the other rams are synced with 2133. Why is this, when the team elites are running 2400 auto? I tried to enable xmp but found out that xmp is not supported on the team elites and i got a blue screen, so, i disabled it and all rams are now running at 2133. Question: why are the corsairs not running 2400 mhz on auto when their speed indicated is 2400? thank you in advance...
Memory is guaranteed in the form sold. Other combinations you decide to create have no guarantee to work together, no guarantee to operate at rated specifications if you manage to boot up the system. You are free to do your own compatibility testing of memory that has never been tested together before with no guarantees.


The memory has clocked down for stability. You likely won't be able to get it to run at 2400, as it'll just crash.
Stay with 2 sticks. The motherboard wasn't designed to be run with 4 dimms - it brings more problems than benefits, if any.
You want more ram, then get a larger 2 stick kit.