Question Corsair Vengeance PRO RGB Not Running at 3200


Jul 31, 2017
Hello, I having an issue with my new set of RAM that my gf bought for me on Christmas. Its not running at it's 3200mhz, I turned on XMP and when I save and restart I get the memory beep code then it sets back to 2133mhz. My pervious set, Hyper X Fury, worked just fine even overclocked to 3200. The motherboard that I'm using is the Aurous B450m rev 1.0 and the CPU is a AMD Ryzen 1600. Any help if apricated, thank you.
Hi tested it with 2933 and it works, but from reading around I read that the 1600 should be able to support 3200, if its not the case which is a good budget cpu to upgrade too.
From what I read 1000 & 2000 series usually struggle with over 3000mhz and sometimes 2933mhz is as high as they can go.

The difference between 2933 & 3200 is very small, not worth buying a different cpu for. If you want a cpu upgrade because you need more performance then any 3000 or 5000 is supported by your motherboard, however I would avoid the high core count cpu’s like the 3900X, 3950X, 5900X &5950X as the motherboard does not have the best power delivery (VRM’s). With weak power delivery and the high core count CPU’s the motherboard VRM’s could overheat.