Question Corsair Vengeance RGB (non pro)


Oct 2, 2016
So, this is probably a very weird question but here I go. I have 32Gb of Corsair Vengeance RGB non pro i bought this 2 years ago and wel its ram so no complains. However the 'RGB' part on the seems very outdated. I bought 5 LL fans and a rgb motherboard back then. I am struggling to find any way of syncing al these components. The LL fans are no problem, just go SDK in iCue and run JackNET rgb sync and I am able to sync motherboard and fan lights but that RAM... This must be the early freaking days of RGB when this came out, only 4 options to chose from and not compatible with any 3ed party software nor the ability to remove the dram service from icue so that icue stops interfering with that RAM. Running aura standalone with icue shut down the lights sync perfectly but when I want to sync LL fans the iCue service eventually crashes the Aura. Ive seen full software control on RGB Pro modules however this is not avaible for non pro rgb wich is frustrating and probably never will come.

I think their are no solutions to this problem and I bought the wrong stuff. I have personally thought to sell my RAM and buy new sticks that are either Gskill memory or Corsair RGB Pro modules. What should i go for and will i actually have any success trying to sell my 32GB of ram at even 150€ or do i need to go down to 100€. I bough a lot of stuff from Corsair and I'm a happy costumer but this RAM is a dissapointment.