Question Corsair Virtuoso XT headset microphone stopped working on PC ?


Sep 18, 2017
Hey I bought the Corsair Virtuoso XT headset a while ago now, never had any problems except having to replace torn earcups.
A couple days ago my mic just stopped working altogether on PC.
Everything is detected as normal, no errors but it just won't work.
I also tried on my laptop and got the same result.
However it works fine on Xbox Series X with the 3.5mm port from controller to headset in wireless mode with mic.
Things i've tried:
  • Tried both wireless and wired on PC.
  • Fully Charged.
  • Reinstalled drivers and forced update (both dongle and headset in wired mode.)
  • Power cycled headset like 20 times.
  • Checked all volume levels and privacy settings to make sure it has permission and isn't muted.
  • Restarted PC
  • System restore
  • Different USB ports.
It's worth noting the headset is NOT damaged so I highly doubt it's a hardware issue, especially as it's working through 3.5mm jack on Xbox.

I won't reinstall Windows though, I have too much to lose.
Any help much appreciated.