Question Corsair Void USB Headset Disconnets

Jul 20, 2019
So I'll try not to post something too long here but to cover everything here we go:
I have had these Corsair Void USB Headphones fo,r awhile and about a year ago they started having random disconnects. They would just stop registering as being plugged in. This was a major issue because I was playing Final Fantasy 14 at the time, and they hadn't fixed their audio problems, which meant when my headphones disconnected it would cause the game to completely crash.
To be clear, the disconnect happens when I move my head around too much. I know what you're thinking, it's the first thing I thought: the cord is fucked up somewhere. Trash the headphones and get new ones, too bad I'm poor, so I just put them aside and used some shitty left overs my daughter has. Anyways, done deal, but a year later I'm getting sick of these shitty hand-me-downs that have no Mic.
So I plug these in, since you know, electronics are weird and sometimes just suddenly start working again. Issue was still there, unfortunately. This time though, I look the issue up, thinking maybe it's not as simple as the cord being shot. After some searching I found out this is actually a common, unfixed problem that Corsair users have with their devices. The problem is that most of the forums leave the problem unsolved and I get nothing out of searching.
But one thing I DID get out of searching was a way to confirm the problem maybe isn't just the cord. Namely: when I'm playing FFXIV they still disconnect (but don't crash the game anymore because yay devs who don't suck) and instead cause the game to suddenly drop to literally 1fps. Not only that, they take about anywhere between 30 and 60% of my CPU (to be precise, the Audio Driver I use is what's suddenly taking up the resources).
Okay so naturally I went straight to the drivers to update them. Only during the process I found out my windows 10 isn't updated either. Apparently my PC is just.. weird, because it won't auto update, it can't even download the updates through windows update. So I manually download them from the website and a miracle happens: I don't totally fuck things up by updating manually. The computer visibly runs better after updating it (it was behind by two years). Unfortunately, the headphones are still shitting out.
TL;DR: I updated my windows 10, my graphics driver, my USB drivers, and my audio driver (and yes, all of them needed updates), but the problem persists. The number of solutions I've attempted is absolutely stupid. I know I should just go out and buy new headphones but I just don't have the money. I have gotten to the point where if I don't have the problem fixed by next wednesday I'm going to attempt a full reinstall of win10 (some people have had success with this).
For the record, I have put in a ticket to Corsair, but it's the weekend and they won't get back to me until like tuesday/wedensday (which is why I'm waiting until that point to do the reinstall.).
Any help at all would be appreciated, thank you so much for reading this wall of text.