Corsair VX550 to low?


Apr 3, 2008
Hey guys

Just a Quick Question when i got my pc i brought a Corsair VX550 and i was told using this psu with my system would run my system np but i couldn't (OC much)if at all
system is
Corsair VX550=psu
Phenom II X3 TripleCore 720 2.8=cpu--with cpu cooler=i tried overclocking my cpu to 3.6ghz wich works fine other than occasional freeze wich i think is psu related but read on lol
12 gig ram ddr2-1066=ram
Enterprise NCQ 500GB=HDD
HIS ATI Radeon HD4890 1Gb O/C=VGA
22 inch benq monitor
-- so the question is im upgrading to a
Phenom II X4 QuadCore 955 3.2 8mb cache Boxed Socket AM3 - 125w - Black Edition

will having this new cpu push the psu to limit and also would it not give enough power for the cpu to overclock it i wanna try for 4ghz
i mean if not ill bye the
Antec TruePower Quattro 1000w wich is SLi & Crossfire ready, 80+ certified :pwich im sure will give enough for juice for 2x 4890 and cpu so forth ?