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Question CORSAIR XMS 3

Feb 4, 2020
My pc has a Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H Motherboard and an Intel i5-3570K CPU.
From my system information window my installed RAM seems to be 4GB.
Opening the case I found 3 dims of CORSAIR XMS3 1600MHz with the following sizes
(a) 4GB (2x2)
(b) 4GB (1x4)
(c) 4GB (2x2)

Can someone help me about it cause those 3 make 12GB and not 4 that system info suggests.
In case that those 3 makes 4GB after all and having just an empty slot left on my motherboard I would be pleased for any suggestions about adding memory. Buy one more of lets say 8Gb or get rid of them and choose something else?

thanks in advance
Adding extra memory has no guarantee to be compatible with existing memory.

What is guaranteed is the use of memory in the form sold. I suggest using a single kit of memory.

You can play around with mixed combinations that you decide to make and see how they work with no guarantees.