News Corsair's New AIO Liquid Coolers Debut With 30 FPS IPS LCD Screen


Mar 16, 2020
I've used a Corsair H100i Pro before, and the cooling performance is bad. For comparison, even an air cooler, specifically the Scythe Fuma 2, runs a lot quieter and cools quite a few degrees better. Essentially, my 3900X was throttling as it hits 90 degs and with the Corsair ML 120 fans whining like a siren at full speed, and no way to adjust the liquid flow speed even with the iCue software installed. As I switched to the Fuma 2, temps declined to 87 degs max, no throttle and barely any sound coming from the fans.
Other problem is the number of cables that I need to connect. So in this case, with the ARGB fans and LCD panel, even more wires/ cables to manage. Hard pass for me here.
Nov 9, 2021
Not sure if you had a faulty unit or what, I've got the same cooler on an i7-9700k and it has no issues keeping it's temps under control. ICue lets me pick multiple out of the box fan curves (or configure my own) and has 3 different pump speed settings. It's pretty much dead quiet under normal use but yeah it will scream if I set everything to Extreme cooling.