Build Advice Cost of Ratio/Part for custom LED Water-cooled PC Build

What is a good budget for a custom LED Water-Cooled PC build?

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Mar 4, 2021
I have never really looked into how much an individual component should cost in a budget such as 12% of a budget of 1000. I usually just build for the maximum optimization I prefer that overall fits in my budget.

There is not a budget criteria, as I just want to know the ratio of costs in the components. Such as cpu=c : motherboard=xc : liquid cooler=xc ... and so on.

I am creating a custom-built pc with LED lights and Water Cooling. It will be an ATX factor and will be using this computer to simultaneously stream on Twitch, gaming on the stream, and managing the stream. I am also going to be editing videos and recordings to upload to Youtube. This means I will need powerful graphics card, functional multitasking, and dual monitor capability.

I will be using it for substantial quality, 1080p, at least 70 fps. For Games such as Rocket League, Fortnite, Minecraft, GTAV online, COD, running disord. Also software like autodesk inventor and CAD. Videos are just of gameplay for the most part, bit of editing, but not a ton, , and I'm not sure exactly what temp I plan on keeping it at. Most likely a Large 500gb+ SSD drive and also able to stream consoles using elgato.


The answer to your question like all the other threads on the forums, is that the budget needs to be determined by the person building the system/loop since you're going to have to maintain the loop and the system when maintenance time or troubleshooting comes.

Some builds take 50% of the overall budget with watercooling since the builder focused more on the aesthetics, similar can be said for someone focusing only on performance, then you have people who do both in the same build, which drives costs even higher.

It's also well established that once you get bitten by the watercooling bug, the cost of this "hobby" isn't cheap.