Cougar 500K Gaming Keyboard Hands On: Bells And Whistles, But No Mechanical Switches

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" I suppose it's a matter of preference, but if Cougar wanted to be cheeky with placement, I would have preferred that the 500K had Windows buttons on both sides of the spacebar. (Pardon me, spacebars plural, in this case.)"

how about just get rid of the damn key. i remove that key cap from every keyboard i have. the only good placement for it would be up above the escape key next to the sleep button like on most logitech keyboards with a sleep button. worst placement ever of any key, might as well have a google button right next to it. linux should also have it's own button also if there's going to be a windows key and it should be placed right in the middle of wasd keys


Mar 12, 2008
Really, I'm looking for something like this, without the number pad.

I bought the Razr one without the number pad (hoping to fit it in my laptop bag), but it was just too dam noisy for some work environments. I got rid of it in the first hour.

I'm a good typist, but the keyboard on my laptop forces all sorts of mistakes I don't make on most other keyboards...

Can anyone reccomend me a good non-mechanical keyboard, without numberpad, and is light enough to be fairly portable?
The Cougar 500K has more in common with the 700K, not the 600K. The only differences I note between the 500K and the 700K is the 700K comes in four flavors of Cherry MX instead of membrane, the 700K has the aluminum framework, and has pass through connections for Mic and a headset, (I think that feature is useless as it is better to use the front panel jacks unless you are connecting them a bit more permanently.)

The Cougar 600K is built like the 700K but sacrifices the "G-keys" (macro keys) and has a full size spacebar. It also sacrifices the backlit keys, UIX, and mic and headphone connections.

I've read though while the 700K has mechanical switches, the mode (profile) keys and the multimedia keys are not mechanical.

I do have questions though, and it fits for ANY keyboard tested: What kind of quality are the keycaps? Will color or letters wear off or are they durable?


Jun 13, 2008
There is one thing on this I really like, similar to something I really like about the Corsair keyboards. It doesn't have a housing around the keys which makes it ALOT easier to clean. Personally I would prefer the version with aluminum and mechanical keys.
[quotemsg=15792462,0,1975653]I have brought this one, and I felt so good to touch on it's keys. This is a kind of feeling that I will never think to change to other keyboards. I love it so so much.[/quotemsg]

I've got one on the way myself: the 700K KBC700-4IS with the Cherry MX Browns. The 700M mouse is pretty good too.
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