Cougar Panzer G Mid-Tower Chassis Review: Good Looks, Great Performance

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Jan 17, 2016
I hate to be the "Ugly American" here. But it would be convenient for all of the measurements to be calculated in both millimeters and inches. Also, the whole tempered glass trend in current cases, seems to be a little extreme, and adds weight to the cases. With the way some of the shipping companies handle packages. I shutter to think how some of the glass components will arrive. My older cases have done quite well with transparent plastic sides, not to mention one that has two aluminum sides with no transparency. Lastly, it seems that few, if not none, of the major case manufacturers care that some consumers. Still have optical drives and card readers. So will external drives be the only answer, when a new case is purchased in the future? :-(


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I can't even be sure he's actually measuring these rather than repeating factory specs. For years you were treated to actual measurements that included protrusions (such as thumb screws), in both inches and cm, so that you'd be able to tell if it fit your shelf, which was usually measured in inches. And I was personally adding the motherboard depth measurement because so many "EATX" boards are only 10.6", and so many "ATX" cases support more than 10.6". But then we lost a couple motherboard editors, and putting the case reviews into the hands of a different reviewer was the easiest way for me to personally have time to review more motherboards. The new big-case reviewer's methods are slightly different, but he still knows what he's doing, so I ask only that you do your conversions (divide by 25.4 to get inches, for example), forget about squeezing these into tight spaces, and limit your pestering of the author to questions about maximum motherboard depth.

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